Our guides



Name: Peter Jones.
Based: Ronda – Málaga Province
Areas covered: Nature day tours in the Serranía de Ronda and Sierra de Grazalema. 3 day tours Doñana and full tours in all of Spain, Morocco, Costa Rica, Ecuador, India, Kenya, China and many other countries.
Bio: Well known and liked by the great many who have already been guided by him. There is no finer testimony to Peter’s popularity than the fact many friends of various tour operators will sign-on tours knowing he will guide them.



Name: José Luis Sánchez Balsera
Based: Ubeda, Jaen Province
Area covered: Sierras of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, Sierra of Andujar, Sierra of Magina, the steppes of Southern Jaen as well as Sierra Nevada in Granada.
Bio: Former regional biologist for the sierras of Jaen and publisher of several papers on related issues, José Luis guides with formidable knowledge and an instinctively keen eye. A naturalist with profound understanding of the life and lore of the province.



Name: Manuel Mojarro
Based: Corrales – Huelva province
Areas covered: Tours to Doñana, Odiel Marshes and Sierra de Aracena and Sierra Norte in Sierra Morena. Also bird holidays to Extremadura and Tarifa.
Bio: Manu is a wildlife enthusiast and has 10 years experience as group leader and heritage expert, organising professional birdwatching trips since 2004. Besides he usually participates in local bird ringing and tracking as a volunteer: Manu loves his homeland and loves to show it.



javiName: Javi Elorriaga
Based: Tarifa, Strait of Gibraltar
Areas covered: Birding & Wildlife photography day trips in the Strait of Gibraltar, including La Janda, Gibraltar, Los Alcornocales and Doñana NP in Cádiz (Sanlucar-Bonanza-Trebujena). Longer tours in Northern Morocco, Andalucia and Spain.
Bio: Javi has worked as ornithologist in the conservation of the Cinereous Vulture in the Balkans (wwf-Greece), the Lammergeier in northern Spain (FCQ), The Turkey Vulture in North America (Hawk Mountain Sanctuary), the Osprey in Urdaibai (Aranzadi SC), and the monitoring of raptor migration in the Strait of Gibraltar (Fundación Migres). He has participated in over 30 research, educational and identification papers and he is an active wildlife photographer. He lives in Tarifa since 2008 where he is birding in a daily basis and enjoys showing its wildlife and cultural heritage.



yerayName: Yeray Seminario
Based: Tarifa, Strait of Gibraltar
Areas covered: Birding and wildlife photography trips in the Strait of Gibraltar, Doñana and Cadiz province. Runs longer tours in Andalusia, Extremadura and Morocco.
Bio: A passionate birder and photographer, licensed wildlife veterinarian and conservationist, Yeray has worked as a field biologist and nature guide in several countries, including Belize, Panama and India. His home base is Tarifa, Cadiz, where he co-founded Birding The Strait. He offers birding and wildlife photography tours, striving enthusiastically to make every trip a most rewarding experience.



manuelName:  Manuel Morales
Based: Tarifa, Cadiz Province
Areas covered: Birdwatching, walking and wildlife photography tours in Tarifa and the Strait of Gibraltar, La Janda, Cadiz province (Alcornocales, bay of Cadiz, Sanlucar..), Donana and Morocco.
Bio: Since he started to study Environmental Sciences in Huelva, manuel has combined the university with volunteering for SEO Birdlife and Doñana Biological Station, in addition to work like environmental educator in the Odiel Marshes. Later, in 2007 he got to be an Expert Ringer by the Doñana Biological Station. Since 2012 he has been the head of Birding Tarifa and Manuel has worked as zoology´s teacher at the Huelva University, has taught talks and courses for SEO Birdlife and worked in Doñana National Park in several bird banding and tracking projects for the Andalusian Government and the Station Biological of Doñana (Glossy Ibis, Spoonbill, Black Kites, Black necked Grebe…)